Concrete Hollow Blocks: The Complete Guide For You

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Concrete hollow blocks are construction materials. and the main materials are cement, sand, water, and crushed stones. Their main applications are making walls, floors, and roofs. They have many advantages over other building materials such as bricks and stones. In this article, SMAT will discuss the different types of hollow blocks, their uses, and how to select the right type for your project. 

What are the types of concrete hollow blocks?

Hollow blocks are a common building material for construction due to their durability and strength. Their materials are cement, sand, and gravel, which can vary depending on the desired outcome. The most common types of concrete hollow blocks include lightweight, medium-duty, and heavyweight blocks.

  • Lightweight blocks are best used for interior non-load-bearing walls due to their lighter weight and ease of installation.
  • Medium-duty blocks can support greater weight but still be used for interior walls.
  • Lastly, heavy-duty blocks have superior compression strength and durability best used as wall supports or columns that bear heavier loads.

With the range of materials available and wide range of applications, hollow blocks can make an excellent choice for many construction projects.

Concrete Hollow Blocks The Complete Guide For You (1)
Concrete Hollow Blocks The Complete Guide For You (1)

What are the Concrete Hollow Blocks Sizes?

The size of a concrete hollow block typically depends on the concrete hollow block machine used to make them, which typically ranges from as small as 4” by 8” to as large as 12” by 24”. While they are usually quite uniform in shape and size, there can be variations depending on the concrete block making machine. It is important to take into account any dimensional differences when planning out concrete structures so that the CHBs fit perfectly in place.

Semi Automatic Block Machine
Hollow Blocks Sizes

How many concrete hollow blocks are in 1 square meter?

Generally, using medium-sized hollow blocks (20 cm x 10 cm x 15 cm) to divide a square meter into one layer would provide coverage using 20 blocks. If there is a heavier grade or superior quality structure, then 24 blocks of 19x19x39 cm are suitable for optimum stability and uniformity. However, it is important to note that different sizes can factor in equally as many if not more depending on the layout design.

For the best results, it is best practice to consult an engineer or building professional. Especially when deciding which concrete hollow blocks will provide the best coverage and support . Please also remember, you should also considering your project’s construction needs and budget.

What is the compressive strength of concrete hollow blocks?

The compressive strength of these blocks determines their load-bearing capability and it is one of the most important elements. Because it is related to constructing sturdy and reliable structures. This capacity is usually between 2 N/mm2 – 7 N/mm2 in amount though the amount can vary depending on different concrete densities, block shapes, and manufacturing processes.

For additional structural support, mortar is necessary to fill any gaps between blocks in order to achieve optimum load-carrying capacity while ensuring a rigid frame that lasts for a longer time. The compressive strength of concrete hollow blocks plays an integral role when it comes to selecting the best suitable option for a specific construction project.

What are the concrete hollow blocks specifications in the Philippines?

Hollow Blocks can vary in size depending on the project and come in various styles such as hollow or solid blocks, interlocking blocks, and even specialized designs such as thermal blocks. 

Typically they consist of an outer shell made out of concrete and steel reinforcements suspended within them for greater strength. This allows ease of installation and reduced costs when compared to other building materials like bricks or stones. When used for residential construction projects, using certified concrete hollow blocks is highly recommended for stability and safety.

In addition to being affordable, these blocks also provide resistance from impacts, fire, water infiltration, pests, and decay which makes them ideal to use in both interior and exterior walls.

What are concrete hollow blocks prices in the Philippines?

Concrete hollow block prices Philippines can vary depending on the manufacturer, size, shape, and additional factors. They are an ideal choice for construction projects in the Philippines, as they provide improved acoustic, thermal, and energy performance.

In comparison to traditional clay bricks, concrete hollow blocks offer several advantages such as moisture and corrosion resistance, and higher compressive strength, and can be used in a variety of ways in residential or commercial settings. These benefits add up to superior quality results at competitive prices that make concrete hollow blocks an attractive option for any building project in the Philippines.

SMAT Machinery has many types of hollow block-making machines. And the machine can make a wide range of concrete hollow blocks that come in different shapes and sizes to suit your project needs. Reach out to us today for more information about our concrete hollow block machine prices, specifications, and availability.  We look forward to helping you find the best possible solution for your project at an affordable price.

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