Concrete Mixer Pump Features

  • Diesel type
  • Combine JZC450 concrete mixer and 40cu.m concrete pump together.
  • With Weichai 82Kw generator
  • Including 100m pipelines
  • Biggest transportation vertically (/Level); 120 /500m.

As an ideal machine for small and medium projects, the concrete mixer pump is suitable for both horizontal pump projects and vertical pump projects. Such as road construction, housing projects, parking area and warehouse construction.

What Are The Applications And Advantages?

Concrete mixing pumps can be used in house construction, both mixing and pumping. It can effectively solve the problems of untimely delivery of commercial concrete in remote construction sites.

The concrete mixing pump can be used for road construction, the concrete pipeline occupies a small space, half of it can be constructed, and half of it can be reserved for the road. Construction is convenient and easy to move.

Concrete mixing pump can be used in parking lot, workshop construction. Both horizontal construction and vertical construction have good construction effects. It is a cost-effective choice for small and medium-sized construction sites.

Customer Feedback

The concrete mixing pump is easy to operate, and engineers can learn to operate it in one day and put it into production smoothly.

-SMAT Customers

SMAT engineers are proficient in English and can assist customers with installation and training both online and on site.

-SMAT Customers

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