Yhzs35-35M3/H Mobile Concrete Batching Plant Delivery To Oman

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Yhzs35-35M3/H Mobile Concrete Batching Plant Delivery To Oman

The biggest advantage of the mobile batching plant is that it is easy to install and move. This set mobile batching plant is used in government construction projects with extremely high construction standards and a relatively short construction period. Therefore, the customer chose a mobile mixing plant.

After finishing this project, the customer will move the batching plant to another site for concrete supply.The whole batching plant can be moved to another construction site by a trailer. After arriving at the new construction site, it can be put into use again only after adjustment and installation.

For projects which are not frequently moved, we do not recommend using a mobile batching plant. Since mobile type cost will be higher than stationary type based on the same production capacity and configuration.The cost stationary batching plant concrete foundation cost is much lower than the cost of a mobile walking system.

When SMAT engineers recommend solutions to customers, they will comprehensively consider the customer’s project requirements and machines cost, in this way SMAT engineers can help customers choose the most cost-effective products.


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