YHZS35-35m3 per hour Mobile type Concrete Batching Plant Main Configurations

  • 4 bins aggregates batcher separately weighing system, more accuracy.
  • Aggregates belt conveyor system.
  • Water/ cement / additive weighing system included.
  • Full automatic control system (Bosure brand), Schneider brand electric parts. with computer, printer, monitor etc.
  • 2 sets screw conveyors.
  • 2 sets 50T cement silos.

Mobile concrete batching plant as good as stationary type concrete batching plant, but more convenient for move, should i always choose mobile type ?

Usually, based on same configuration, mobile type cost will be higher than stationary type. What’s more, stationary type weighing accuracy will be higher, the concrete quality will be super high to meet high requirements projects, such as high-demand buildings such as grand theaters and gymnasiums etc.

SMAT mobile concrete batching plants are pre-assembled after the production is finished, ensure 0 defects in the installation and smooth installation on the customer’s site.

Pre-assembly consumes a lot of labor and seems insignificant, but it can help customers save a lot of troubles that may exist during installation.

Choosing SMAT means choosing worry-free after-sales service.

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