2 Sets 50 Tons Cement Silo Delivery To Brazil

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With so many concrete batching plants the frequency of use was low for the first several years, and only one cement silo was equipped. As the number of concrete increases or the grade of concrete increases, the amount of cement used will increase. Frequent refills of cement are will waste time. In this case, many customers will add new cement silos.

50 tons cement silo is the max. Capacity which can load into 40HQ. If bigger than 50 tons, it has to produce into bolted type. The bolted-type cement silo will save container space, it is a good choice to choose bolted-type cement silo when transport cost is high. While bolted type silos need to spend time for assembly. If the customer wants to save the assembly trouble, the welded type cement silo is also a good choice. Contact SMAT to know more about our product.

2 sets 50 tons cement silo delivery to Brazil
2 Sets 50 Tons Cement Silo Delivery To Brazilour

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